Power Brand & Retailer Activation With Engaging Channel Strategies & Protect Your Place Online & In-Store

Survive & Thrive Through Volatile Times By Understanding Shopper-Led Category Trends & Behaviours & Retailer Insights

The Pricing Squeeze • Cost Of Living • Shopper Behaviours & Trends • Data-Driven Innovations & Measuring Success • Turning Insights Into Action • Winning Channel Strategies • Profitable Digital Success • Sustainability • Driving In-Store Engagement • Retailer Insights & Collaboration • Shopper & Customer Experiences • Marketing & Activation

28th February 2023, Cavendish Conference Centre, Central London

08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.10 Morning Chair’s Opening Remarks 

Manuela Pifani, Senior Director of Customer Experience & Insights, Asda

The Pricing Squeeze – Surviving & Growing During Uncertainty

09.20  Harnessing The Power Of Shopper Insight To Drive Category Growth Through ‘Unsettled Times’

  • Building shopper insight to enhance existing category management principles
  • Exploring methods of building shopper understanding and converting to actionable insight
  • Shopper insight driving internal thinking and external activations

Farrah Mosaheb, Category and Shopper Strategy Controller, Premier Foods

Howard Chamberlain, Head of Category Development, Premier Foods

Shopper Behaviours & Trends


09.40 What Does The Future Hold For The Evolution Of Retail? React & Adapt To Emerging Shopper Macro Trends With Cutting-Edge, Savvy Campaigns & Products That Engage Customers In 2023 & Beyond

  • As insurgent brands continue to gain traction and disrupt the market by listening and adapting their marketing and product strategies to meet customer demands, forecast which shopper trends disruptors are monitoring to get ahead of the curve, protect sales and drive brand success
  • The return of ‘little and often’: yes or no? Ensure you are not left on the shelf by establishing what consumers are prioritising today and how their channel choices are changing to adapt your discount and pricing strategies
  • As shoppers become more and more interested in their health, wellbeing and the environment, how are these trends impacting their shopper purchase habits and what are categories doing in these areas to maximise impact?


Simon Wainwright, Group Head of Insight & Foresight – Brand and Proposition, Tesco

Anne Claypole, Category Controller, Kopparberg UK

Rocky af Ekenstam Brennicke, Fomer Director Brand & Creative, & Other Stories, H&M Group

Angela Bitzou, Category Manager World Foods, General Mills

10.10 Harnessing Consumer Insights To Stay Ahead Of Your Category Curve

  •  Asli Ozciger Taylor, Global Head of Consumer Analytics at No7 Beauty Company, joins Natasha Hutchinson, Customer Success Principal at Attest for a  deep dive into their insights strategy and how maintaining a consumer-centric approach to decision-making is the key to staying agile, maximising      impact with shoppers, and ultimately staying ahead of your category curve.


Natasha Hutchinson, Principal Customer Success Manager, Attest Technologies Limited

Asli Ozciger Taylor, Global Head of Consumer Analytics, No7 Beauty Company

Data-Driven Innovations & Measuring Success

10.25 Optimise Your Shopper Customer Experiences With The Latest Data Insights & Trends To Become A Customer-Driven Organisation That Adapts & Responds To Changing Shopper Behaviours To Skyrocket Sales

  • ‘Fiction versus reality:’ with the pandemic skewing data, where do you now turn to receive reliable, relevant insights to define and ensure your style of category management isn’t outdated?
  • Monetise the latest ways tech, AI and digital tools are being used to support the tracking and monitoring of customer behaviours to produce evidence-based, successful shopper marketing
  • Does the data show that consumers are cutting out big-ticket items? Examine where brands are seeing the decline of sales and translate insights into data-driven product development

Jessica Vara, Brand and Portfolio Team Leader, BOL Foods

10.45 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Turning Insights Into Action

11.15 Translate Your Data Analytics Into Actionable Insights To Refresh & Renew Your Category Management & Shopper Marketing Campaigns

  • Delve into the drivers behind product purchases to decipher exactly what you are trying to achieve with your customer data to capture critical insights and transfer these into successful sales and marketing strategies
  • Explore how to embed your data analytics in a future proof process to unlock the full potential of your category management in the hybrid shopping environment to benchmark your team’s potential and translate this into the bottom line
  • We are all consumers! Take a step back, picture yourself holding the basket and let captured data develop fresh and innovative customer approaches that redefine business objectives and enhance your shopper experiences

Manuela Pifani, Senior Director of Customer Experience & Insights, Asda

11.35 Retail Horizons – The Future of Shopping

  • How shopping behaviour is different in Asia
  • What is driving this behavioural difference
  • Why should we care?

Andy Rushforth, SVP Market Development, PRS IN VIVO UK

Winning Channel Strategies – Delegate Discussion

11.50 Drive Channel Success & Dominate Sales With Tailored, Targeted & Agile Multi-Channel Strategies To Secure Both Online & In-Store Engagement

  • Consumers demand the same shopper experiences and product information whatever channel they use… ensure messaging is consistent across your channel mix for higher engagement and seamless purchasing journeys
  • With rapidly maturing AR and VR technology, how can brands incorporate tech through their channels to augment shopper experiences and ensure products fly off the shelves?
  • Adapting to the new normal…understand where omnichannel will go next to ensure you are investing resources into the right channel areas and staying ahead of the digital curve

12.20 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

12.50 Informal Breakout Discussions

  1. Cost of Living & Supply Chain Impact
  2. Future of Retail
  3. Value Chain
  4. Consumer Health

13.20 Afternoon Chair’s Opening Remarks

 Emily Jones, Senior Category Strategy Manager, Premier Foods

13.30 From Insights To Revenue Forecasting session

  • What you need to translate insights into value prediction
  • How to include shopper activation in revenue forecasting and optimisation
  • Breaking the silos: holistic commercial planning to drive one team, one goal

Danielle van der Ende, Product Marketing Director, Visualfabriq

Driving In-Store Engagement

13.45 Refresh & Renew Your In-Store Strategies With Winning Campaigns & Product Placement To Deliver Exceptional Brand Interaction, Compel Consumers To Return To Store & Protect Sales

  • Examine the future of shopper retail with the trailblazers shaking up the industry to understand what customers truly want from their in-store shopper journeys and how you can drive innovation to exceed expectations
  • With hybrid working here to stay, rethink engagement strategies to drive consumers back to store with campaigns that reflect changing shopper behaviours
  • Create an experiential and interactive cross-category store experience to integrate offline and online shopping experiences to keep up with the ever-changing concept of what being in-store means to consumers today
  • With households feeling the pinch financially, explore pioneering ideas to protect high street retailers with product and marketing strategies that boost profit in a challenging market

 Roger Harrison, Category & Insights Manager, St Pierre Groupe Limited

Heather Burgess, Marketing & Insights Manager, St Pierre Groupe Limited

14.05 Balancing Value & Lifestyle – Communicating In A Cost Of Living Crisis session

  • Consumers and brands have gone through an unprecedented period, coming out of the covid-19 pandemic and entering into a period of political & environmental uncertainty and a cost of living crisis.
  • It’s crucial that brands and organizations understand the realities consumers face in living under these pressures, but how can we understand how to communicate appropriately, or even to innovate products and ranges to speak to the needs at play. 
  • With our Signals methodology, we have teased out the subtle changes that brands across lifestyle points (inc. food, drink, wellness and entertainment) have been making both in the dominant and emergent space. 
  • These provide some key cues & opportunities, both visual & text based, to communicate with consumers as they look to continue engaging in the products and lifestyle routines they love, even under the increasing constraints & pressures they face.

Bridget Dalton, Director – Offer Development, Discover.ai

14.20  Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking

Retailer Insights & Collaboration


14.50 Your Questions Answered! Hear First Hand What Retailers Actually Want From Their Brand Partnerships To Ensure That Your Products Stand Out In-Store & Online In Today’s Shopper Market

  • Category managers, brand managers and retailers… an information exchange of wants and desires to ensure thriving, productive and collaborative relationships which continue to produce profit at both ends of the supply chain
  • With video calling having replaced face-to-face meetings, review alternative avenues retailers and brands can communicate/collaborate today to ensure the new normal doesn’t sour sales
  • How can brands co-exist on retailers’ shelves alongside private label ranges and guarantee your product portfolio doesn’t get left on the shelf by value-driven consumers?

Maria Neves, Category Manager Head for UK&I, Anheuser-Busch InBev

Anne Claypole, Category Controller, Kopparberg UK

Spotlight: Exceptional Shopper & Customer Engagement Experiences



15.25 Showcase Your Brand Through Innovative & Creative Data-Led Shopper Marketing Which Create Exceptional Hybrid Customer Experiences To Generate New Levels Of Loyalty

  • How do brands and retailers use cutting-edge shopper experiences both in-store and online to attract customers during periods of economic difficulty and boost retention?
  • Explore methods to use AI & tech to reignite digital CX activation and identify which e-commerce opportunities retailers and brands should invest in today to outshine competition and deliver exceptional shopper experiences
  • As big retailers experiment with concept stores, promoting stock with innovative services and content, how can category managers leverage experience-related strategies to maximise spending?
  • What strategic questions must be asked when dealing with vastly increased knowledge about customer data and their behaviour to truly understand their wants and desires?

Benjamin Diez, Manager Strategy & Insights, McDonald’s Deutschland LLC

Shopper Campaigns: Marketing & Activation

15.45 Harness The Power Of Shopper & Customer Marketing Insights With Relevant & Engaging Campaigns Which Resonate With Your Target Audience, Drive Activation & Generate Sales In-Store & Online

  • Explore a range of shopper activations brands and retailers found successful, how tricky they were to implement, and how to bring to life the partnership between product developers and marketing teams for a synergised, energised activation campaign
  • Face the challenges of who your target audience is and the interplay between your internal teams for exceptional shopper activation in-store and online
  • Acquisition strategies and tactics… establish the appropriate tone of voice for your campaigns and target consumers, to ensure boosted customer retention and brand loyalty

Caroline Petit, International Advertising & Promotion Lead-Associate Director- Global Regulatory Affairs, Takeda

16.05 Afternoon Chair’s Closing Remarks

Emily Jones, Senior Category Strategy Manager, Premier Foods

16.15 Official Close of Conference