The Shopper Insights & Behaviours Conference


A One-Day, Brand-Led Shopper Insights Conference & Networking Event, London, 8th February 2024

23 Retailers & Category Leaders, 6th annual, 1 Day

Our Partners

Attest is a consumer research platform that enables brands to make consumer understanding a competitive advantage via continuous insights. By combining unparalleled speed and data quality with on-demand research expertise, Attest makes it simple for anyone to run regular research, achieve clear insight and continuously uncover opportunities with consumer data. 

Attest’s ever expanding client roster includes the likes of Unilever, Santander, Walgreens/Boots, Klarna, Brew Dr. Kombucha, Trustpilot, JCDecaux and more. Through the Attest platform, brands can survey 125 million consumers in 58 countries, with results back in days, making checking in with their target consumers as natural as checking the time. combines the power of machine learning with human expertise, to unearth rich cultural insights from the world of online content.

Founded in 2010 Field Agent is the global leader in crowdsourced Shopper Insight with a strong European and International network.  

Our key point of difference is that we offer an integrated solution of Retail Audits and real-time Shopper Insight, supported by a strong Consultancy team.

We can help you better understand how people are shopping, what they are buying and why. Revealing;

  • How well your products are being stocked and displayed in store.
  • What has most impact on Shoppers at the point of purchase and why.
  • How are Shoppers choosing what to buy and why.
  • How well your products are delivering customer satisfaction, supported by online reviews.


To achieve this, our crowd of 120,000 Shoppers provide detailed feedback of their experience in store. Capturing images and videos across the full category to bring the Shopper journey to life, from £25 a store visit.

We partner with a world class Image Recognition platform (Vispera) to report on key KPIs such as Facings Count, Share of Shelf, Price Checking, Planogram vs Realogram etc.

In summary, we can provide Retailers and Brands the missing Data and Insights to run perfect Stores and Shopper experience to stimulate growth – even in today’s economic climate.

Clients tell us we are Faster, Cheaper, and Smarter than other conventional methods.

PRS IN VIVO offers insight & consultancy, grounded in behavioural science, to accurately understand, predict & influence consumer choice.

We help clients succeed through the passion & engagement of our team, our constant pursuit of best-in-class expertise & our trusted, proven, innovative & agile solutions. 

We offer a range of services built around 3 core pillars of packaging, new product and shopper, and work in close collaboration with our sister company, BVA Nudge Consulting, on broader behaviour change initiatives.

Knowing how a category can uniquely “win the shopper” for the store is crucial. That’s whether you’re a retailer, or a supplier looking to become a trusted advisor.

Our programmes give you up to date shopper perspective diagnostics for each category/retailer in depth, plus store and market wide comparisons that reinforce your selling story.

The world’s frontrunner in Strategic Revenue Management Solutions with applied AI capabilities. An agile 100% SaaS solution company, aiming to ‘Unleash your excellence’ whilst reducing non-value added work. Bringing back the craftsmanship to the hands of our clients. Providing them with the tools we were missing during our own careers in CPG.

Driven by a steadfast vision to radically improve strategic revenue management for the CPG industry, we reduce the routine workload for CPG organizations by largely automating demand creation, pricing- and budget reviews, and promotion planning. Making all of these elements available at the commercial level where the commercial organization operates. Allowing organizations free up time from daily work routines to instead focus on a strategic and tactical interaction with their customers.

By using AI driven scenario planning, we create direct insight into a full range of options and demonstrate the volume and financial pros and cons in detail, achieving a significantly higher level of reliability than with traditional estimations. Walk away from meetings with actions instead of more questions, with one version of the truth throughout the entire organization.

Our offices are located in New York, London, Mexico City, Barcelona, South Africa, Singapore and head office in The Netherlands. For more information visit our website: or contact us at or +31 (0)85 5000 170.