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Attest is a consumer research platform that provides confidence for every decision, with the right insight, at the right time. We do this by making it simple and fast to access your target customers and uncover opportunity with consumer data, continuously, at global scale. We call it: growth without guesswork.

Through our self-serve platform, you can access audiences of 100 million across 49 countries, get answers at record speed, and extract insight through our intuitive results dashboard, all with the guidance of our in-house experts. By removing the cost, time and complexity, you’re able to de-risk product, brand and campaign work in order to succeed more often. We’re proving that reliable consumer data can be accessible, fast and impactful for all.

The fastest scaling and fastest changing businesses work with us to learn about consumers’ needs, understand live trends, enter new markets, validate decisions, develop new products and services, measure brands, track competition, and ultimately - grow.

Our ever-expanding client roster includes notable brands such as Microsoft, Santander, Walgreens/Boots, Klarna, Wise, eToro among many others. Attest is backed by investors including NEA, one of Silicon Valley's most prolific venture capital firms with over 225 portfolio company IPOs since 1977.



Established in 1999, eye square has become a global leader in human insight technologies, providing numerous groundbreaking tech-based services in market research. We service the areas of brand and media experience, user experience and shopper experience research, consulting and software development. We can be found in over 60 countries, with our headquarters in Berlin and offices in London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Kerala and New York City.



Maru is a world leading CX and Insights Software & Advisory Services company. Maru was founded to disrupt the data and insight delivery industry with a combination of Software & Advisory Services delivering data in real-time via a unique service model. Maru helps its clients make informed decisions in near real-time by combining proprietorial software, deep industry experience and access to the best minds in research. Maru’s flexible service model means our clients can choose to self-serve our Software directly to create, launch and analyze projects; or choose to utilize our Software with knowledgeable support from insights experts. Maru successfully delivers major national and international CX and CEM programs for Enterprise organizations.



Shoppercentric has a strong history of insight generation and consulting, across all types of B2C and B2B companies helping FMCG brands and retailers turn shoppers into buyers or delivering relevant omnichannel customer experiences.  We were founded in 2003 as a response to the lack of specialist Shopper agencies in the UK.

We know that, for our clients, insight is only the beginning.  Inspiring action, creating value and eliciting change is a necessary part of the delivery and sit at the heart of our insight programmes and projects.  Our thirst for shopper knowledge and understanding shopper decisions forms the foundations for delivering powerful insights.

We typically start with a research brief or a marketing challenge and design an approach to conduct primary research, invariably this includes working with pre-existing knowledge that clients have.  We chose from a vast array of tactics from traditional to leading edge behavioural approaches to unlock understanding for the purposes of building brands or visitor experiences.

Shoppercentric was acquired in 2018 by Touchstone Partners to develop the offer by introducing further Shopper and Leisure expertise, combined with client-side experience, and to build more behavioural techniques into the approaches used.  The fusion of a pure player shopper agency with the wider specialist design and analytical skills Touchstone brings has benefitted clients tackling 360-degree marketing challenges.

The disruption observed in the industry today means that clients must not only think about how they build and sell their brands but also how they connect consumer, shopper, and customer insight to enable their internal teams to execute with impact.  In a world where budgets and timescales are under pressure, we work hard to deliver meaningful insight with commercial application.

 In addition to our ad hoc research practice, Shoppercentric is frequently called on to speak at conferences and comment in national media.  The firm publishes the widely read “Window On” magazine which explores shopping trends in the marketplace.  Historical reports can be found at

We are founding member of Voices 4 All.  A movement committed to improving diversity and inclusion standards within research services.

Please contact us on or speak to Jamie Rayner, Managing Director - 07384 818 944



Toluna is the parent company of Harris Interactive Europe and KuRunData. Together, we push market research toward a better tomorrow.

Toluna is a technology company that delivers real-time insights at the speed of the on-demand economy. We do what no other insights company can. We combine innovative technology, award-winning research design, vertical expertise and a panel of over 30 million consumers. What does this mean for you? It means you can get more research done in less time with less budget. It means you can design a research program that meets your needs, whether that’s self-service or full consultancy. It means you can trust your insights because quality is baked into every part of our process. And it means you can do it at scale.

Harris Interactive simplifies complex decisions with critical consumer intelligence. Harris Interactive sets itself apart by fusing sector expertise and award-winning research designs with innovative tools and technology. This combination delivers impactful insights that keep clients ahead of what’s next. And with Toluna technology, those insights are delivered faster than anyone else. Although expert in all areas of research design, implementation, analysis, and reporting, Harris Interactive has particular strengths in customer experience, brand and new product development. Industry expertise ranges from CPG/FMCG to media and entertainment, and our technology supports every step of research, design, implementation, analysis, and reporting.