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Established in 1999, eye square has become a global leader in human experience technology, providing numerous, groundbreaking tech-based services in market research. We service the areas of user experience, brand and media research, and shopper experience with a combination of science, psychology, consulting and software development. We can be found in over 60 countries, with our headquarters in Berlin and main offices in London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and New York City.

We help you better understand the most important people to your business: your customers. While conventional market research remains on the surface, our unique methods combine psychology and state-of-the-art technology. This allows us to capture and analyse real perceptions (neuro-biological), explicit (explicit), and implicit (subconscious) responses of your customers in numerous settings.

// Shopper Experience Research:
Test on e-commerce platforms, or in-store, and enhance your customers' shopping experience, whether it's package design, shelf assortments, or marketing materials.

// Brand & Media Experience Research:
Optimize your brand and advertising impact on all media channels: print, TV, out-of-home, online, and mobile.

// User Experience Research:
Understand your users in order to effectively match your product with the consumer and boost conversion on your website or app.



We began disrupting the market research industry in 1999. We’re a different breed of global insight partner, built on proprietary technology that enables our experts to connect with the people that matter most to our clients.

At Matchbox, we operate at the intersection of behaviour and emotion, combining innovative methodologies to uncover a holistic understanding of how consumers Feel, Behave and Think. Our people bring deep sector-focused knowledge to client projects, so you can build and maintain a competitive advantage by enabling smarter, better-informed decisions.


Pulsar is a next-generation social listening & audience insights platform, powered by vertical-specific AI. We combine conversational and behavioural signals from the world's leading digital destinations (media, social, search and owned content) to help brands understand their audiences, to create messages and develop products that matter to them. It is part of the AIM-listed Access Intelligence Group.



Streetbees reveals how people behave, and why, by analysing real-life moments collected from its worldwide users. Over 3.5 million users – or ‘bees’ – across 190 countries worldwide use the chat-style Streetbees app to share moments from their daily lives via videos, photos and text.

Through applying advanced natural language processing technology to the results, Streetbees uncovers not just what they do, but also why they do it, and what drives them – and predicts what they may do next.

Streetbees’ partners with world leading brands across the Consumer Goods, Media and Entertainment, Retail & Insurance sectors. Clients include Unilever, PepsiCo, Sony Pictures, Carlsburg, Santander, Ikea, Vodafone and L’Oreal.



Toluna is the parent company of Harris Interactive Europe and KuRunData. Together, we push market research toward a better tomorrow.

Toluna is a technology company that delivers real-time insights at the speed of the on-demand economy. We do what no other insights company can. We combine innovative technology, award-winning research design, vertical expertise and a panel of over 30 million consumers. What does this mean for you? It means you can get more research done in less time with less budget. It means you can design a research program that meets your needs, whether that’s self-service or full consultancy. It means you can trust your insights because quality is baked into every part of our process. And it means you can do it at scale.

Harris Interactive simplifies complex decisions with critical consumer intelligence. Harris Interactive sets itself apart by fusing sector expertise and award-winning research designs with innovative tools and technology. This combination delivers impactful insights that keep clients ahead of what’s next. And with Toluna technology, those insights are delivered faster than anyone else. Although expert in all areas of research design, implementation, analysis, and reporting, Harris Interactive has particular strengths in customer experience, brand and new product development. Industry expertise ranges from CPG/FMCG to media and entertainment, and our technology supports every step of research, design, implementation, analysis, and reporting.


TPN is a creative commerce agency that exists to Make the Buy Happen for some of the most iconic retailer, technology and FMCG brands in the world. We specialise in all things commerce—leveraging the agency’s core practice areas of Shopper, Retailer Digital Commerce and Brand —to create connected experiences that drive sales and build brand commitment. TPN is a part of the Omnicom network of agencies. The agency has nine offices located across the U.K. and the U.S. and is celebrating more than three decades of delivering creativity and results. Velocity Commerce Group is TPN’s digital consultancy. This group creates tailored solutions for Amazon and sites to optimise DTC, Pure Play, and Omnichannel Retail.

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Growing into 2021 and beyond may seem daunting. As a global or local brand your annual “to do” list will be any combination of halting and/or preventing the potential risk of value erosion, starting to drive and/or maintaining unprecedented levels of value creation. The after effects of 2020 are hugely varied and many heads are being scratched about how to answer the business critical questions of today and tomorrow.

We thrive on commercial challenges. Designing and constructing actionable solutions that help you to out-think, outsell and outperform is what we do. It may seem obvious to say that connected organisations perform better, but research shows that disconnection is common, with less than 1 in 3 organisations having a highly joined-up cross-functional commercial strategy.  65% of companies have an agreed strategy; only 14% of people understand it, fewer can describe how their role delivers against it and as a consequence, less than 10% of organisations successfully execute and over 90% of organisations are surprised when they don’t get the results they were expecting.

In a fractured economy never has coming together been so important. By connecting consumer needs, shopper behaviours and customer expectations to develop a strong commercial strategy that engages your team’s heads and hearts, AND by putting the right capabilities in their hands, it is possible to programme your future history and results so that you only get good commercial surprises.

Giving our time generously is how we roll – we may start a conversation unknown but we guarantee to finish it unforgettable (for the right reasons!).

Please tune into Duncan and Steve’s session if you’re interested in commercialising 7 key trends that continue to shape Consumer/Shopper behaviour by getting after the “so what” and “now what”, OR reach out to us for a chat through the day.