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Our Partners

Our Partners

Who is Acuity Pricing? Founded in 2008, Acuity Pricing has been the industry’s most authoritative price provider for over fifteen years. Working alongside many of the leading retailers and brands in the UK, our price intelligence tool provides easy access to high quality, comprehensive product data to act as the foundation for pricing strategies and decisions.

  •         Track prices and promotions in real-time as SKU-level product data is delivered daily to users.
  •         Accelerate gap analysis and new product developments by using platform tools that can extract data sets instantly.
  •         3 years of price history is accessible instantly through the platform to support new strategies and to help highlight competitor trends at key periods.
  •         Generate truly custom reports at the click of a button or view other product attributes, like nutritional values, to range growth.

Power price, promotion, and assortment strategies to deliver growth and protect margin, and gain an edge over competitors by understanding product price positions in the market.

Acuity Pricing puts precision at the heart of everything, priding ourselves on helping customers convert data to action so they can stay ahead of rival retailers and brands. Data from over 14 million SKUs scraped daily from around 160 tracked websites ensures the breadth and depth of our information gives users everything they need to form their price strategies.

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AnyRoad is the leading experiential marketing platform that enables brands to operate and optimise their events, tours, classes, and activations to grow brand loyalty and increase ROI for every experience.

Brand Nudge is a market intelligence platform and team which helps brand owners grow faster online. 
Our proprietary technology supports hundreds of brands across 13 countries and has the capability to ensure you always know how to navigate and how to win in the complex world of online retailing. The team at Brand Nudge will be with you every step of the way to ensure you achieve your businesses strategic goals.

Founded in 2010 Field Agent is the global leader in crowdsourced Shopper Insight with a strong European and International network.  

Our key point of difference is that we offer an integrated solution of Retail Audits and real-time Shopper Insight, supported by a strong Consultancy team.

We can help you better understand how people are shopping, what they are buying and why. Revealing;

  • How well your products are being stocked and displayed in store.
  • What has most impact on Shoppers at the point of purchase and why.
  • How are Shoppers choosing what to buy and why.
  • How well your products are delivering customer satisfaction, supported by online reviews.


To achieve this, our crowd of 120,000 Shoppers provide detailed feedback of their experience in store. Capturing images and videos across the full category to bring the Shopper journey to life, from £25 a store visit.

We partner with a world class Image Recognition platform (Vispera) to report on key KPIs such as Facings Count, Share of Shelf, Price Checking, Planogram vs Realogram etc.

In summary, we can provide Retailers and Brands the missing Data and Insights to run perfect Stores and Shopper experience to stimulate growth – even in today’s economic climate.

Clients tell us we are Faster, Cheaper, and Smarter than other conventional methods.

No one knows your customers better than us.

Who are we? – We are KHWS. If you’re interested in buying behaviour, we are who you need to talk to. We’ve been working with big global brands for over 30 years, handling everything from shopper marketing to brand building, ecommerce strategies, channel marketing, new product development, and more. But above all, we pride ourselves on knowing what drives your customers to buy your brand

What makes us different? – We are experts in understanding buying behaviour. A behavioural science led insight engine beats at the heart of our agency, informing everything we create and deliver. It uses a set of proprietary buying behaviour insight tools that uncover the unconscious cues that influence 95% of purchase decisions.

We can give you an extra layer of understanding about the behaviours that lead to the purchase of your brand, unique insight that traditional research techniques cannot deliver.

The result: laser focused marketing powered by the unconscious cues that nudge your customers to purchase. 

We call it Sense Making Creative Marketing.

Why believe us? – We have a long-term partnership with Durham University Business School, working with their neuroscientists to develop, validate and corroborate our insight tools.

Who do we work with? – Insight, Shopper, Brand, Marketing, Channel & Category teams that benefit from the buying behaviour insights we uncover. Our work delivers solid behavioural cues that inform more effective marketing messages in the most efficient media spaces. Saving unnecessary marketing spend and risk.

Here are just some of the brands we’ve worked with:

Bacardi, Twinings Tea, Asahi, Schwartz Spices, Jack Daniel’s, Haagen Dazs, Old El Paso, Twinings Cold Infuse, Weetabix, Bridgestone Tyres, Tilda Rice & Samsung

Shoppercentric is well known for its insight generation and consulting, across all types of B2C and B2B companies helping FMCG brands and retailers turn shoppers into buyers or delivering relevant omnichannel customer experiences.  With over 30 years of experience in shopper behaviour, we have developed a unique understanding of how individuals make decisions when faced with a retail shelf (physically or online) and how to best influence those decisions in today’s complex environments.

Insight is only the beginning.  Inspiring action, creating value and eliciting change is a necessary part of the delivery and sit at the heart of delivery from our insight programmes and projects.  Our thirst for shopper knowledge and understanding shopper decisions forms the foundations for delivering powerful insights that underpin this delivery. 

Most of our projects are bespoke.  We’ll start by examining what you know (and often find things you didn’t know you know!) before refining the approach.  We are innovative and creative in our methods, selecting and combining from our ever-growing battery of options (these range from traditional to leading edge behavioural approaches) to create projects that directly address our customer’s need.

Shoppercentric was acquired in 2018 by Touchstone Partners to develop the offer by introducing further Shopper, Leisure and client-side experience, and to build more behavioural techniques into the approaches we use.  The fusion of a pure player shopper agency with the wider specialist design and analytical skills Touchstone brings has helped keep Shoppercentric at the leading edge of shopper research and understanding.

Today’s ever faster moving retail environment means that manufacturers and retailers must not only think about how they build and sell their brands but also how they connect consumer, shopper, and customer insight to enable action that has real impact.  In a world where budgets and timescales are under pressure, we work hard to deliver meaningful insight with commercial application.  Shoppercentric has you covered.

In addition to our ad hoc research practice, Shoppercentric is frequently called on to speak at conferences and comment in national media.  We also publish the widely read “Window On” magazine which explores shopping trends in the marketplace.  Historical reports can be found at

We are a Market Research Society Company Partner and a founding member of the Voices4All movement, which is committed to improving diversity and inclusion standards within research services.

Please contact us on or speak to Jamie Rayner, Managing Director – 07384 818 944