Maximise Activation In-Store & Online, Drive Category Growth & Elevate Engagement To

Monetise Shopper Insights & Behaviours For Cutting-Edge Category Management & Lucrative Marketing Strategies

Emerge Stronger Through Uncertain Times With Practical Solutions & Actions To Tackle The Cost-Of-Living Crisis – Monetise The Latest Shopper Trends & Insights To Streamline Your Strategies & Focus On Adding Real Value – Showcase Eye-Catching & Unmissable Marketing Campaigns That Appeal To Consumers & Retailers Alike – Influence Purchase Through Frictionless Shopper Journeys In-Store & Offline For Quick-Win Boosts & Long-Term Loyalty


08.30 Registration, Informal Networking & GIC Welcome

09.20 Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Atoshi George, Head of Scientific, L’Oréal

Nora Zukauskaite, Global Marketing Director, Ciaté London, Lottie London & I Am Proud


09.30 Proactively Capitalise On The Latest Shopper Trends & Ever-Changing Behaviours To Exceed Expectations, Power Engagement & Drive Category Growth

  • How are brands deciphering the difference between shoppers’ decisions and their actual behaviours when they’re at the online or offline shelf when they don’t always correlate?
  • It all comes back to ‘really knowing your consumer’… but how exactly can you do this? What are the proven strategies for this with tangible results?
  • Health, sustainability, plant-based, pricing, cost of living – deep-dive into these macro-trends and determine their long-term impact on the retail sector in order to protect sales
  • Are your product ranges, category choices, and pricing strategies hitting the mark for today’s consumer? How can you provide solutions across the board that appeal to as many shopper missions as possible?
  • Which new trends are here to stay? Which might already be on the way out? In an ever-more dynamic and fast paced environment, keep ahead of the curve when it comes to short-term anomalies and long-term habits

George Robinson, Owner & Director, SoSweet

Joe Patrick Clark, Lead Insights Manager – Innovation, Green Cuisine, Veg & Meals, Nomad Foods

Aaron Chatterley, Co-Founder, indu & FeelUnique

Maria Neves, Category Manager Head for UK&I , Anheuser-Busch InBev

Laura Willoughby MBE, Co-Founder, Club Soda

David Deeley, Insights Manager, Europe, Kerry




10.00 Continue To Navigate The Cost-Of-Living Crisis & Rising Inflation & Emerge Stronger Than Before With Fair Pricing & Quality Products Which Maintain Strong Brand Position & Strengthen Consumer Relationships

  • It’s all about pricing! Re-evaluate your strategies to cater for the modern shopper budget and find the right balance between cost and quality to generate high spend and high satisfaction
  • Review the latest insights and data to better understand spending patterns in the difficult new climate, and forecast how this is likely to evolve in order to inform future strategies
  • Producers, suppliers, retailers, distributors – how can different sectors collaborate to keep sales strong and costs manageable for your target shopper?
  • Brand versus private label – must it be a war? Deep-dive into the financial and budgetary trends that drive shoppers one way or the other, and explore how the two can co-exist more harmoniously

10.00    Anne Claypole, Category Controller, Kopparberg UK

10.20    Dave Wright, Category Development Lead, Spar UK


10.40 Why Did I Buy That? 95% Of Purchase Decisions Are Made Unconsciously (Source Harvard University) – How Can Brands Tap Into This, To Deliver More Effective Marketing, Category Management & Retail Experience?

  • Is your marketing messaging effective throughout the purchase journey?
  • Can you enhance your existing sales data, customer personas and insights with an understanding of the unconscious cues that your audiences use to inform their purchase?
  • Are you able to recognise differences in buying behaviour amongst your customers from one retailer to the next and deliver the relevant messaging?
  • How do you ensure that insights are accessible & relevant for Category, Marketing, Brand & Channel stakeholders?
  • Does your category management deliver a fluent shopping experience? 

Andrew Watts, Founding Partner, KHWS

10.55 Morning Refreshment Break With Informal Networking


11.30 Robin Shuker, Managing Director, Field Agent UK Ltd


11.45 Cut To The Core Of What Matters To Today’s Shoppers With Dynamic, Focused & Targeted Marketing That Maximises Shopper Activation & Drives Ongoing Growth With Proven ROI

  • From product development to marketing teams to retailers, create a streamlined and effective chain that ensures maximum engagement at every level
  • Adapt tone, style and content to target the right audience with personalised promotions that make sure your message really lands
  • Utilise the latest data and insights to power reliable activation both in-store and online to seize every opportunity and generate sales
  • Go beyond one-time wins to engage shoppers, generate loyalty and fuel long-term growth for real, sustainable growth

Jemma Haley, Business Lead – Retail Media & Supplier Insights, John Lewis Partnership


12.05 Optimise Your Omnichannel Operations & Drive Channel Success To Increase Engagement, Revenue & Growth Both Online & In-Store

  • Are you getting your channel mix right? Ensure you’re investing wisely in the right channels for your target shoppers to generate maximum engagement and ROI
  • Recent years have seen an unprecedented growth in online retail – how can you best capitalise on this, and how can you make your offline and in-store campaigns remain as effective as possible?
  • Explore the full range of channel strategies and their pros and cons to determine which are the most effective. How can different channels compliment each other to create campaigns that are more than the sum of their parts?
  • Leverage new technologies to keep channel strategies fresh and cutting-edge and smooth the transition from initial engagement and browsing to purchasing action!




12.25 Stimulate Spending, Safety & Satisfaction With Captivating In-Store Customer Experiences That Reinvigorate Habitual Shoppers & Entice Impulse Buyers

  • From impulse to indulgence, deep-dive into the shopper missions driving consumers in to stores and leverage shopper priorities for maximised in-store spending
  • Streamline and optimise range and positioning strategies to capitalise on store space without a costly overhaul
  • There’s nothing like the real thing! Utilise new tech and design engaging and innovative in-store promotions and campaigns that offer shoppers experiences which cannot be recreated online
  • Navigate healthy choices and HFSS regulations to create a shopping experience that maximises long-term consumer satisfaction alongside basket spend

12.25    Simon Thickett, Category Development Manager, Premier Foods

12.45    Freddie Sackey-Addo, Store Director, Tesco


13.05 Spotlight on Experiential Marketing: How to Optimise the Power of In-Real-Life Brand Experiences

  • Designing experiences that change brand perception and influence future purchases
  • Leveraging consumer insights to amplify what’s working and act on what’s not
  • Harnessing 1st party consumer data for long-term brand growth
  • Measuring and proving impact: from one-dimensional to three-dimensional KPIs

Greg Klingaman, VP, Strategy & Field Operations EMEA, AnyRoad / ex-Diageo

13.20 Lunch & Informal Networking For Speakers, Delegates & Partners

13.55 Informal Breakout Discussions

  1. AI & Automation
  2. Loyalty
  3. Value

14.25 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Jasleen Setia, Category Development Manager Seasonal Confectionery, Mondelez International

Daniela Busseni, Non Executive Director, Rhythm 108


14.35 Inclusivity Unleashed: Building Retail Experiences for All Audiences

  • Introducing the SOCIAL MODEL and the challenges presented
  • Consider not only the moral imperative but also the strategic business impact
  • Create a positive and inclusive brand image and expand customer base

Jamie Rayner, Managing Director, Shoppercentric

Ivan Browne, Global Shopper Business Partner, The LEGO Group


14.50 Harness The Tremendous Power of E-Commerce By Appealing To The Modern Tech-Savvy Consumer & Enabling Swift & Hassle-Free Spend At The Push Of A Button

  • From the latest trends and insights, evaluate practical, affordable and actionable solutions that can exponentially increase online spend without reinventing the wheel
  • Explore how different online channels and platforms inform different shopper missions, and how each can be maximised effectively to guide, shape and influence the consumer spending journey
  • Leverage up-to-the-minute online data to gain applicable insights into online spending habits and behaviours in order to inform future strategies for maximum impact
  • Online vs. offline or online and offline… how can you utilise best-in-class practices to re-engage consumers and retain online spend and interaction without hindering your offline efforts?


15.10 First-Hand Insights! Build & Maintain Strong, Win-Win Retailer Relationships To Extend Your Reach & Fulfil Your Brand Potential

  • Uncover business-critical marketing insights and expertise shared by both big retailers and manufacturers about what makes and strengthens a strong retailer-brand relationship in today’s market
  • With ever-increasing competition, how can you ensure your category, brand and product is indispensable to retailers today?
  • Deep-dive into how retailers have responded to the cost-of-living crisis, the growth of e-commerce, regulations and restrictions, to learn real life lessons from those on the front line and utilise insights to inform future strategies
  • Assess the metrics of costing and value from a retailer perspective to drive and shape new product development

Amaury Marescaux, Global Customer Strategy & Planning Director, Unilever

Ben O’Mahoney, AdTech & Data Partnerships Lead, Ocado Retail Ltd

Freddie Sackey-Addo, Store Director, Tesco

Tracey Warren, Senior Category Development Manager, Perrigo Company plc

Jemma Haley, Business Lead – Retail Media & Supplier Insights, John Lewis Partnership

Elena Lavagni, Service Provider of Amazon Salon & Owner of Neville Hair & Beauty, Amazon Salon & Neville Hair & Beauty

Kate Blake, Senior Category Strategy Manager, Diageo GB



  • Omnichannel retail has delivered an exponential increase in data available to Category and Shopper teams 
  • New insights and richer customer data can enhance traditional notions of Category Management 
  • How best to leverage omnichannel retail to enhance your market perspective and the value creation for you and your retail partners

Ross Watson, Chief Operating Officer, Brand Nudge

15.55 Afternoon Refreshment Break With Informal Networking





16.25 Assess The Current State Of Play In The Brand Vs. Private Label Relationship To Drive Spending, Target Specific Consumers & Keep Competition Healthy

  • Explore the different priorities and shopper missions that drive consumers towards either brand or private label products
  • How can cutting-edge insights and up-to-the-minute data drive growth on both sides of the divide?
  • Analyse category choices and marketing strategies to promote and influence shopper decisions and increase spend
  • Must brand and private label always compete? Deep-dive into the two sides of the coin can co-exist to drive growth on all fronts


16.45 Highlight Your Green-Minded Credentials Which Align With Rising Consumer Expectations To Boost Loyalty & Trust & Ensure Your Brand Is A Friend To Both Consumers & The Planet

  • With green issues and climate-conscious thinking at the forefront of shoppers’ minds like never before, how can you adapt to secure brand reputation and long-term loyalty?
  • From plant-based alternatives to cultivated meat, and recyclable packaging to waste reduction, assess the latest trends to stay ahead of the curve without over-investing in a flash-in-the-pan
  • Investigate cost and pricing strategies to ensure that consumers can be sustainability-conscious on any budget, and to promote visible green credentials without breaking the bank
  • What matters most to the shopper? Evaluate the relationship between claims and actual consumer behaviours to determine what priorities truly drive spending patterns in-store and online

Siddhi Mehta, Founder, Rhythm 108

17.05 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks

Jasleen Setia, Category Development Manager Seasonal Confectionery, Mondelez International

Daniela Busseni, Non Executive Director, Rhythm 108

17.15 Official Close Of Conference

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