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Shopper-Centric, Insight-Led & Profitable Shopper Marketing & Category Management: Maximise Growth With Insights Into Evolving Shopper Behaviours Online & Instore To Deliver Innovative Post-Pandemic Channel Strategies • Prepare Category Management & Shopper Activation Strategies To Thrive In Times Of New Regulation & Uncertainty • Design Shopper-Fuelled Category Strategies For Effective Retailer Collaboration • Capitalise On Changing Consumer Expectations To Amplify Growth.

A One-Day, Brand-Led Conference & Networking Event, 24th February 2022, in Central London.

08.30 Registration, Morning Coffee & Objective Setting

09.00 Morning Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Jasmine Jubbal, Consumer Data Product Owner – Europe, Advanced Analytics, PepsiCo

Kirsty Watts, Head of Category, General Mills

Changing Shopper Behaviours & Trends - Q&A PANEL

09.10 Prepare Your Strategy For Changing Shopper Habits & Capitalise On The Most Critical Shopper Trends To Maximise Engagement & Growth

  • With increased diversification of shopping channels, how do you keep up with how, when and where your consumer base is making purchases?
  • Stay connected with the consumer to ensure you capitalise on every mission with the latest insights into changing shopper habits, motivations and purchasing behaviours
  • Plant based, sustainability, price points, scratch cooking, healthy preferences and regulation… get ahead of the game with predictions of long-term behavioural changes going into 2023 and beyond
  • Future-proof your range and drive growth with shopper-driven category innovation and NPD strategies aligned to the latest consumer mindsets and retailer expectations

Shailina Parti, Group Buying Director, N Brown Group

Chris Tarquini, Senior Category Manager, Brown Forman Beverages

Alice Ratcliffe, Head Of Brand, Oddbox

Amanda Hamilton, Senior Category Development Manager, Edrington UK

Samantha Johnson, CMO, Dr Sam Bunting

Channel Strategies - Double Perspective

09.50 Balance The Growing Trend Of Online With Winning Bricks & Mortar Strategies To Enhance Product & Range Potential On Every Channel & Maximise Your Sales

  • - Unprecedented disruption, unprecedented online growth, the temporary decimation of some high-street retail… how long will the impact of this be felt in our strategies or are we going to see a “bounce back” to some sort of “normal”?
  • Build your categories around your channel strategies or vice versa? The most effective methods to maximise growth and remain agile
  • With more channel strategies than ever before, how do you balance each channel to maximise your sales potential?

09.50 Perspective One

Monisha Singh, Shopper Marketing Manager, Kepak Group

10.10 Perspective Two

Neil Bellamy, Omni-Channel Category Strategy Manager, General Mills

10.30 Morning Break with Informal Networking

Shopper Campaigns: Marketing & Activation

11.00 When Shopper Behaviour Diversification Is At Its Highest & Every Penny Counts, Reconstruct Shopper Marketing Strategies To Invigorate Shopper Activation & Boost Spend In All Channels

  • With the entire path-to-purchase being disrupted, execute a gold-standard in a new era of shopper marketing to keep customers engaged in your product
  • Pricing, ads, meal deals, fixtures, coupons, promotion ends… discover the best ways to increase sales through tailored shopper marketing strategies for in-store and online channels
  • How can your campaigns keep pace? Stay one step ahead of evolving consumer trends and anticipated regulation to ensure your campaigns remain relevant and effective
  • How do you turn one-time wins into sustainable growth?

Grace Smith, Senior Shopper Marketing Manager, Britvic

11.20 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

Rapid-Response Case Study

11.50 Uncover How A Market-Leading Rapid-Response Retailer Capitalises On Growing Consumer Trends & Collaborates With Brands & Other Retailers To Unlock A New Age For Retail

  • Review the marketplace to discover the true potential of rapid-response retail, why it has sky-rocketed in popularity and why it is an option that cannot be missed
  • A full weekly shop in 60 minutes? Unlock the power of rapid response with real-life insights into strategies of increased reach to consumers and enhanced range to be the true ‘new’ retail
  • Discover the potential for collaboration between rapid response and brands and retailers to maximise the revenue potential through this innovative channel

Paul Gott, Chief Operating Officer, Beelivery

Optimising In-Store Spend

12.10 Create Safe, Exciting & Spend-Stimulating In-Store Shopping Experiences Which Activate Shopper Missions & Reignite Impulse & Indulgence Splurges

  • From small-store formats to main-estate shopping, what new trends are we seeing in shopping habits? Is the radical lockdown drop really here to stay?
  • Review the latest shopper insights to maximise in-store shopper marketing and engagement on every square centimetre of shelf
  • Create promotions, packaging and experiences which capitalise on impulse and indulgence for those spontaneous shopper missions so lacking from the online channel
  • As COVID looms in and out of our future, how do we lay the foundations for COVID-safe shopping and reassure nervous customers?
  • Will your range be impacted by HFSS? The potential challenges and opportunities for space allocation for compliant and non-compliant products


12.30 Sustainability: A Commitment Rather Than A Trend! Re-Examine Your Product & Category Strategies To Align With Consumer Expectations & Deliver More Environmentally-Friendly Propositions

  • With the consumer increasingly favouring climate-friendly, green, recyclable and even plant-based products, what is the long-term impact on shopping habits?
  • Tap into the increasing consumer demand for sustainability to differentiate yourself from other brands to keep retailers and consumers engaged
  • Packaging, carbon, waste reduction… what credentials and approaches can you take to demonstrate your commitment to responsibility to consumers and retailers?
  • Beyond the end-product: what other opportunities are there to demonstrate corporate commitment to the environment?

Elsie Rutterford, Co-Founder, BYBI

Dominika Minarovic, Co-Founder, BYBI

Shoppercentric Case Study

Case Study With Shoppercentric 

More details coming soon!

12.50 Lunch & Informal Networking For Delegates, Speakers & Partners

Informal Breakout Discussions

13.20 Informal Peer-To-Peer Discussions

A) Impulse & Snacking

Sarah Gibbon, Seasonal Confectionery Buyer, Co-Op

B) Challenger Brands

Lisa Manning, Category & Insight Manager, Border Biscuits Ltd

C) Meal Occasions

Maria Neves, Head of Category Management, Anheuser-Busch InBev

13.50 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Opening Remarks

Daniela Busseni, Head of Category Development - Sweet Treats, Premier Foods

Sarah Gibbon, Seasonal Confectionery Buyer, Co-Op

Winning Online

14.00 Unlock The Power Of Online: Capitalise On New Opportunities & Navigate New Challenges To Keep Up With Consumer Trends & Expectations & Maximise Online Retail Success

  • When years of online growth has been forced through in months, what are the next steps to maximise profits and shopper engagement in the online channel?
  • Category strategies to ensure your product is high up on the virtual “shelf” and increase your shopper visibility
  • As online occupies a greater proportion of the market, how can we rethink shopper missions, category planning and pricing and promotions with the online lens?
  • Traditional online retail, the rise of rapid retail and direct-to-consumer ecommerce… the online channel is diversifying but what is the right move for your product and category?

Beth Berry, Insight & Category Analyst, Bettys & Taylors of Harrogate

14.20 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

Uncertainty & Recession: Adapt & Thrive 

14:50 In Times Of Financial Insecurity, Supply Chain Complications & Trading Issues, Rethink Your Category & Shopper Strategy Through Pricing, Promotion & Resourcing Strategies To Not Just Survive But Thrive

  • Trying to keep pace with and minimise the ongoing impact of Brexit, import and export and supply chain hurdles on product availability, manufacturing times and pricing
  • During tough times, consumers demand value! So how can you convey value without undercutting on price?
  • With range rationalisation becoming an increasing issue, get ahead of cuts to reprioritise your category and keep retailers and consumers engaged around a lean, agile range where every product works for your bottom line
  • Stay one step ahead to reformulate or rethink strategies for products impacted by HFSS regulations

Liz Forte, Health, Wellbeing & Sustainability DirectorCompass Group UK&I

15.10 Afternoon Break with Informal Networking

15.40 Bonus Session; Reserved For Exclusive Conference Partner

Retailer Insights & Collaborations Panel

15.55 Establish & Maintain Strong Retailer- Manufacturer Relationships Maximise The Potential Of Your Brand & Win Consumers

  • With more competing brands and less shelf space, discover what retailers want from brands to maximise sales opportunities
  • What are the most successful new products and launches to catch retailer eyes recently?
  • With new regulation around the corner, what is the retailer perspective on the limitations and new opportunities this creates?
  • Has the online retail space created new opportunities and expectations for brands from retailers?

Natalie Lee, Shopper Marketing Manager for ASDA, Birds Eye UK & IE

Susan Connolly, Sales & Marketing Director, Connolly Spar

The Rise Of Rapid Response Retail

16.25 The New Players On The Pitch: The Growth Of Rapid Response Retail! Insights Into Their Shopper Marketing & Category Management Priorities To Maximise Potential For Your Brand

  • How have rapid-response retailers spotted and seized a gap in the market to create a business model that responded to the immediate shopper needs and mission?
  • Redefining convenience: from rapid delivery time and targeted purchasing, categories set by mission or product and innovative, impossible-to-ignore shopper marketing strategies
  • Why is rapid response a growing, here-to-stay trend – and what do they need from manufacturers for win-win relationships to maximise this channel opportunity?

16.45 Afternoon Co-Chairs’ Closing Remarks

Daniela Busseni, Head of Category Development - Sweet Treats, Premier Foods

Sarah Gibbon, Seasonal Confectionery Buyer, Co-Op

16.55 Close Of Conference